Aston Martin Has Started Building Its Most Powerful Engine Ever

The first brand new Aston Martin V12 in a long time has just gone into production at the British marque's engine plant in Cologne, Germany. The new car is Aston's most powerful ever, and propels the new DB11 to the fastest ever Aston top speed and with the fastest 0-100 time.

The Aston Martin Engine Plant in Cologne can produce up to 8000 engines per year with a permanent staff of 100, and will continue building the naturally aspirated 6.0-litre V12 and 4.7-litre V8 used in other Aston Martin models, but the new 5.2-litre twin-turbo V12 is the most advanced the company has built.

While it uses the same bore as the 6.0-litre and a shorter stroke, the 600bhp (447kW) and 6516lbft (700Nm) engine is Aston's most powerful, but doesn't come at a weight disadvantage despite the extra plumbing associated with the twin twin-scroll turbochargers and intercooler -- the block itself is lighter, as are the exhaust manifold and crankshaft.

The DB11 is expected to be released in Australia during the final quarter of this year, with a recommended retail price of $428,032.

Aston Martin DB11 Unveiled: Bigger, Faster, More Powerful



    Campbell, what is with the re-posting of very old articles recently. EG The 50 Most Cringe-Worthy Moments In Comic-Book Movie History that was first posted on another site just over a year ago. The 12 Worst Cyborg Movies Of All Time was from Nov 2014 etc.......

      Hey mate, we regularly run some older pieces from our sister site io9 on Giz -- and yeah, it's mostly these "50 most", "12 worst"-style articles. Usually one per day. They're old, but (I hope) still relevant, especially to a wider audience.

      My thinking is that even if you've already seen them, there will be plenty of people that haven't. The site is still 99 per cent brand new articles from Australia and the US, hot and fresh out the kitchen.

        Understood, it would be a good idea to fact check them first, as some have updates that make comments plain wrong, and several have broken links, as the two I listed both had/have links to videos that no longer exist.
        Usually you put the source of the article at the bottom, these do not exist in these posts.

    The want is strong for this one........ amazing looking car and no doubt goes like stink!

    How are you defining "most powerful"? It looks like the One-77 kicks this car's butt in power, torque AND 0-100 time!

    Yawn, what for? Only to get people who don't care about you to look and to kill the environment

    The pre-production model they brought here to show off is currently hiding at the Gold Coast

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