10 Annoying Problems With Big Blockbuster Movie Franchises

10 Annoying Problems With Big Blockbuster Movie Franchises

Video: Blockbuster movie franchises are totally fun! Watching famous actors save the world is always a great recipe for enjoyment. But then again, having too many famous actors dress up as so many different superheroes can get really tiring, really fast. How many times does Captain Iron What’s His Face Man have to rescue us, anyway?

Screen Rant lists what it thinks are the 10 most annoying problems with blockbuster movies, and it’s pretty much the same embarrassing mistakes across different movie franchises. Great movies and terrible movies both screw up in similar ways — like the fake deaths of characters (what’s up, Marvel and DC?), the money play of splitting the final movie into two parts (hi, Harry Potter and Hunger Games) and the pitiful lack of diversity (that would be every one of y’all).

More often than not, blockbuster movies just end up recycling the same formula over and over again in hopes that we don’t notice. And the sad thing is, give us enough explosions and we probably won’t.

Here’s their list:

  1. Fake-out deaths
  2. Trailers spoiling movies
  3. Final instalments broken up
  4. Money grabbing sequels
  5. Over-reliance on CGI
  6. Generic villains
  7. Lack of diversity
  8. Women as eye candy
  9. Dark, realistic blockbusters
  10. Subplots that set up sequels