YouTube Red Is Now Available In Australia

Available in the US since November 2015, YouTube Red is YouTube's premium paid ad-free service with original platform-funded content and offline access — and it is launching in Australia today.

Not content with just one launch, YouTube are taking it a step further and releasing its dedicated YouTube Music app, too. Taking advantage of the huge amount of music content already on YouTube, the app is designed to make discovering, watching, and listening to it easier. Here's everything you need to know.

Update: There have been reports of issues with the sign up process. YouTube has been contacted and we will update as soon as there is more information. In the meantime, signing up to Google Play Music can be used as an alternate way to gain access.

With 28 Australian channels with over one million subscribers, and a more global audience (90 per cent of our content is watched overseas) than any other region, Gautam Anand, Director of YouTube Content and Operations, Asia Pacific told Gizmodo it was a logical choice for Australia to be the first region out of the US to launch YouTube Red.

"There are more than 400 hours of video uploaded every minute, so we want to make it easier for you to find your favourite videos and give you more choice about how you watch them," Anand said.

YouTube Red membership will ordinarily set you back $11.99 per month, but there's an introductory offer of $9.99 per month — with the first month free — if you sign up before 6 June. Signing up via iOS will cost $12.99 per month if you sign up before 6 June, and $14.99 if you sign up afterwards.

"The lion's share" of the membership fee goes to the creators, just like with YouTube advertising revenue, Anand told Gizmodo.

So what do you get for the money? Your membership is valid on any device and across all YouTube services — including the newly launched YouTube Gaming app.

Ad-Free and Offline

No more pop-up ads, pre-roll ads or any other kind of ad for the matter. You're paying for a premium service to get rid of all of that, after all.

You can also save any content to watch offline — perfect for flights, remote regions with dodgy service or even just if you're watching your data usage.

Background Play

Have you ever been watching a YouTube video, only to get a message and the video stops as soon as you check it? Some content lends itself to being "background" noise — music, podcasts, reality shows. YouTube Red lets you play videos in the background while you do other things on your phone or tablet. including lock the screen.

"It's all about multi-tasking," Anand explains. "You can be watching a video, but still access other apps."

Original Content

Membership gains you access to YouTube-funded original content. There are currently 10 shows available, so don't consider this part of the service to become a Netflix rival anytime soon. Working with creators like Rooster Teeth on projects like Lazer Team, Anand assures what is on offer at present is "just the beginning", with more programming to be added throughout the year.

"This is just another way that we can support creators, and help them get to the next level," he said. Plans with local content creators for original programming can't be revealed at this time, but it is something that YouTube are "looking into."

YouTube Music

"There's a lot of music on YouTube," T Jay Fowler, Product Management Director of Music at YouTube told Gizmodo. "Music videos, tracks, artists, albums, remixes, covers, lyric videos, and concert footage — the new app simply makes it easier to find, organise, listen to offline and discover new content."

By taking the route of simply "rearranging" content for users, as opposed to creating a streaming service from scratch, YouTube have avoided the need to renegotiate payment deals with artists, but Fowler reiterates that "creators get the majority of the revenue raised from content hosted on YouTube".

Remember YouTube MusicKey? The beta was run as an exclusive, invite only program that YouTube ultimately used to research what people really want from a music app. A couple of things were discovered.

For starters, music listeners on YouTube consume more content on the site overall. We not watch and listen to music videos, but a wide range of other types of content, too. We are multi-taskers. Secondly, we want easy to find premium content — official videos, not just covers. And lastly, we want to keep an eye on data and battery usage, conserving it where possible.

Skip to 1:15 in the video above to see the app in action

YouTube Red members also gain the ability to listen to music without ads, play videos offline, and easily switch between video or audio-only. You'll get background playing, meaning you'll be able to continue playing the video, even when you're in another app or have your screen turned off.

You'll also get your own personal station with recommendations based on your tastes. There's a broader, long form station as well as genre-based stations that are a bit more narrow. You can control the variety with a special "slider" and give a thumbs up to content you particularly like — which gets added to its own station for easy access later on.

There's also trending lists with the most popular music on YouTube each day.

The YouTube Music app will also automatically create an offline mixtape for you, and YouTube Red membership automatically gives you premium membership to Google Play Music, too.

Although you can access YouTube Red via the regular YouTube app and desktop site as well as the dedicated iOS and Android versions apps, the vanilla version of YouTube is still there — along with YouTube Kids, YouTube Gaming, and YouTube Music apps, free of charge.

"We're just giving you more choice about how you watch YouTube," Anand said. "Soon, we hope you’ll be watching what you want, when you want, on any device you want, uninterrupted."


    I wonder how many people are going to google "Red Tube" and end up as something completely different :-)

    So Aussie's don't get Google play music with their subscription?

      YouTube Red website says it is, also if your a current google music subscriber you get it for free.

        He's right... I just went to sign up and it said that I already have it as part of Google Play Music! Hurrah!

      Yep! "YouTube Red membership automatically gives you premium membership to Google Play Music, too."

      Unless the government are able to gouge us here in Australia, you get Jack Shit.

    I worked out yesterday I can make youtube play behind the lock screen on ios by using the play button on my headphones. Suckit google and your attempt to make me pay you by removing background play.

      Just miss out on a few other features lol...... But totally your win...

        Well it is a feature that was purposely removed to package in with youtube red. They've attempted to make youtube as frustrating as possible to watch so their new pay service is appealing.

          can't you just play it in a web browser and then do something else or does that not work?
          I just set youtube in another tab and do other things in other tabs, it worked last night, will it no longer work anymore? (SP3 with IE11 metro version)

            That should work, more specifically an issue with mobiles, except Windows Mobile because Microsoft and google have a hate sex relationship going on. No google apps on the platform, and MS refuse to enforce API requirements google set in turn.

          Youtube Red is nothing but a scam. Now I can't use Youtube on more than one device at once. This started in March as soon as I signed up. Now all day, nothing but commercials. So what am I paying for, lack of service and more commercials.

    This article appears to be written by google and not the author.

    Additionally will the Google Play Music be included in this?

      Nope, definitely written by me - it's a news post, not a review.

      Google Play Music is included - 3rd last paragraph: "YouTube Red membership automatically gives you premium membership to Google Play Music, too."

      Yes, I'm already a google play music subscriber so I get youtube red for free

      Also works the way around, but I prefer to have google play music do all the billing, it's stable and reliable and has been around a long time.

    I would pay 5$ max for what they offer. 11$? That about equals full Netflix subscription. Besides there are apps that allow offline videos for free..

      It's really a bonus for having Google music. I wouldn't pay for this alone either.

      Yep I pay google music for my family, and now we all get this which is great!

      $11? That equals a big mac meal, and therefore this is a bad service because comparing the prices of non-substitutes makes total sense like idk.

    I already have a Google Music subscription, just logged on to Youtube, and I now have Youtube Red access. So woo!

    I can;t seem to sign up. Just says there is a problem. Not particularly helpful. anyone else having a problem signing up ?

      Use google play music to sign up instead. It's reliable and has been around a long time.

      I've never successfully been billed for anything directly in the youtube app :( and I've even had to turn to piracy on some occasions instead to get what I wanted.

    No more pop-up ads, pre-roll ads or any other kind of ad for the matter. You’re paying for a premium service to get rid of all of that, after all.Could someone tell Foxtel this one of the biggest reasons we hate it.
    Whilst I'm here, why doesn't the "bold-italic-underline-quotes-etc" work?

      1) it's illegal for foxtel to get more than 50% of it's revenue from ads
      2) foxtel's premium channels, just like every other pay tv network worldwide doesn't have ads
      3) foxtel's basic channels, just like every other pay tv network worldwide, does have ads AND the shows are designed to have breaks in them.
      4) you see less paid advertising on foxtel than on FTA (see point 1)

        It's been more than five years, since I forced myself of that drug and I ditched it because I was paying way too much for Ads, and piss poor content, most of which I'd seen before anyway. New shows and episodes would come out either weekly or monthly and in the mean time, you either switched to over the air TV or you watched a repeat of something else. I don't regret dumping it for a second. They need to drastically reduce the price before I even consider using it again. Oh, and they need to come and get their crappy dish of my roof too, otherwise it's going to the tip.

          Hey man, leave the dish alone. It didn't do anything besides catch some radiation from an artificial satellite up in space.

          LOL I love this. There are dozens of hours of new content every week on foxtel (if we exclude the sport), so that comment makes me think that either you didn't look past the first 10 channels (which are all part of the entertainment pack) nor read a tv guide, or foxtel's website to discover new content.
          I have more brand new, first run stuff lined up in my foxtel box each week than I can actually watch, so I have to end up deleting some of it and watching other stuff on my phone.
          There's plenty of new stuff to watch, sounds like you've got to open your mind a bit and who knows you might learn something.
          Streaming is not the answer for everyone as not everyone can stream, which is why it's great that youtube has offline downloads now (to try and drag this back on topic) and hopefully this development will put pressure on netflix to do the same - once netflix has watch offline ability then I will join them again.

            You are clearly besotted by Foxtel, either that or you work for them and that's your right, but not everyone agrees with you, as attested to by the myriad commenters who dislike it in these forums alone. The fact of the matter is that it is bloody expensive for the basic pack, which may have lots of choices, not a lot of which interest me in the slightest. Then you pay extra for channels that do interest you, SciFi for example and there are very few new programs that I want to watch because they are mostly reruns or just rubbish. As for opening up my mind that I might learn something, you have no idea what I like to watch and it would probably surprise you. Then there are ads, which may well be less than when I had it connected, but that's not the point, I don't want to pay for the privilege of watching them. You watch what you want and I'll decide what I want to watch and pay for. Now, before this degenerates into a slanging match, I see no point in discussing it further.

            Last edited 20/05/16 10:26 am

              I don't work for foxtel, for the record. I do find a lot to watch on the platform though.
              Nobody should be watching ads on foxtel, as you can use the provided iq2 box (or the on demand service) to avoid them. I hardly ever watch any show live so that suits me fine.
              Your experience is obviously different.

        I most definitely didn't feel like there were less ads, or that the volume was less obnoxious when I had Foxtel. I'd probably still be paying if that were the case. It did seem like they had less variety of ads, seeing the same ads over and over, as well as spamming the crap out of me about shows that were on a channel which could only be seen by upgrading your package to include a different channel pack.

          Most shows are designed to breaks of 10-12 minutes per hour. That's how TV works, except the premium stuff which isn't designed to have breaks.

          The ads for other shows serve 2 purposes:
          1) they fill the time because they are not ads under the law; and
          2) it helps you to get more value out of the platform by educating you about the other channels that exist.

            How is telling me to pay $100 constantly when I'm paying $50-$60 "helping me get better value" or "educating"? It's unwanted spam. You know what's better value? A DNS spoofer, US Netflix, and Hulu. Cheaper, higher quality, on demand, and no ads. Even when Hulu had ads, I found US ads, where it's ILLEGAL for them to be significantly louder than the show, were nowhere near as obnoxious as Australian ads that constantly yell at you.

    I'm trying to give it money but there's some error and process can't be completed - on both my android and desktop. Dammit I want an ad-free existence on mobile and chromecast!!

      Sign up to google play music from that android app instead, should work well

      Google Play Music subscribers get youtube red for free and vice versa

      Last edited 18/05/16 8:58 am

    "An error has occured, please try again later"

    App and browser.

    I'm a big youtube user and the ability to watch offline is huge, as is the ability to just listen to the audio of a live stream while i'm doing something else.

    The original content side of it is going to get bigger and in a few years youtube could be a netflix rival - if google doesn't buy netflix at some point in the distant future?

    Google are live streaming the LIverpool match tomorrow monrning at 3am in partnership with BT Sport, no ads with youtube red will be awesome with live sport

      I think you'll need a VPN to access that stream. There's always or just watch SBS.

    Nexus owners would be better off signing up via Google Play Music, since they get the first 3 months free (as opposed to 1 month via Youtube Red)

    I signed up through the YouTube app on my iPad Pro. If you sign up through the YouTube App on iOS it will cost you $12.99 a month if you sub before June 6. If you sub after June 6 it jumps to $14.99 a month. This is due to Apple taking their 30% cut of in app purchases, so developers and or companies charge more to make back that 30%.

    unless you're already a Google Play subscriber, I really struggle to find $12 value a month for this.

    Last edited 18/05/16 10:21 am

      You mean $12?

        lol, yeah.

        Still, that's how much I pay for Netflix. I get $12 value out of Spotify, but I'm too far deep in Spotify to justify the change to Google Play. I guess there's probably a buttload of people who haven't planted a musical flag in any particular camp (or perhaps don't care enough about music to ever do it), but, I dunno. I expected an offer that is a little bit more compelling than this.

    Just got the email from google saying my Google music subscription has drop from $12 to $10 and free Youtube Red. How good is that. No more ads

    If i sign up before the 6th June will my subscription stay at 9.99 for the length of my subscription or will it go back up to the normal price afterwards?

    I downloaded the YouTube Music app but it wont sign in. Anyone else having this issue? I'm signing in using an existing Play Music subscription..

    they should perhaps offer a deal at half price that doesn't come with music. Spotify has me too invested :)

    Just subscribed to Google Play Music and being a Telstra prepaid it's set to 'Bill my Telstra account' essentially making this free. WOO!

      I have used Telstra Prepaid credit to pay for my Play Music subscription for months - it's awesome that I now get even more stuff for free.
      - Unlimited music streaming via Google Play plus Youtube Music
      - Zero ads, offline play plus exclusive content on Youtube
      - 10% discount on all purchases in Play Store

      Sounds like a top deal to me. Better still, I have the family pack ($18/month) and now my family also get the free stuff.

    I was pleasantly surprised the YouTube Red logo this morning. I'm a Google Music subscriber so I automatically have it. Considering updating my subscription to the family subscription so that my kids can watch YouTube without ads. I've seen some strange ads when they've been watching (online betting providers, beer, cars, home loans etc.) Plus offline viewing would be great for the long train/plane trips.

    Apple TV - what's the dealeo? Yes, I am too lazy to look into it myself. Yes I suck.

    can't access official jpop videos on youtube anymore, any suggestions

      Stop being a 14 year old anime character?

    I am having the same issue. Using an existing Play Music Subscription but cannot login to Youtube Music on my android phone. Keeps asking me to sign in but then tells me my account already exists on this device.

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