Toyota Australia Just Showed Off A 86 Shooting Brake

With Toyota's Festival of 86 owner's celebration underway in Canberra over the weekend, a lot of fans of the Japanese car company's two-door sports coupe will be in one place to be surprised by the latest development in the car's lifespan: the teasing of a Toyota 86 wagon.

The term shooting brake is an older, British term for what we in Australia generally call a station wagon, but Toyota's car is odd in that it's a two-door version of that design concept. It's very similar to the pictures that went around the 'net a few years ago, but this particular model is a custom Australian design.

After a one-quarter clay model and computer-generated imagery was put together in Australia by Toyota's design team, a visit from 86 global engineer Tetsuya Tada kicked off the production of a real-world concept. Taking a top-spec 86 coupe off the production line halfway through its construction, Toyota's team remodeled the rear quarter and the roof to produce the wagon.

What do you think? It looks great from the front three-quarter angle, but there are hints of Prius in the extended, hatchback-style bootlid. [CarAdvice]

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