This Secret Underground Beer Fridge Is What Dreams Are Made Of

We've all dreamed about the perfect beer / beverage fridge at some stage, though a general lack of inventive engineering skills is usually the deciding factor between imagination and reality. That can't stop you from appreciating the efforts of others, like this secret underground cooler from Peter Götting.

"Secret" in this case might be too strong a word, considering Götting has racked up almost half a million views on his demonstration video. A lever attached to an overhanging beam allows one to raise and lower the fridge and access its delicious, hoppy contents.

I can't say it's the best way to keep your beer consumption habits hidden however. It might pop up reasonably quickly, but the descent is rather loud and only begins after a delay. Still, who would suspect the humble potted plant?

Well, I guess that would be all of us now.

[YouTube, via Geekologie]

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