This Historical Documentary On The First Independence Day Movie Is So Dumb And Amazing

This Historical Documentary on the First Independence Day Movie Is So Dumb and Amazing

Video: So Fox made this video as part of the marketing campaign for Independence Day: Resurgence, and either no one there realises how completely ridiculous the whole idea of a universe based on Independence Day is or someone does and has leaned into the campiness. Please trust me when I say that this video is hilarious on every level. From running parts of the original film through a filter to make them look like actual "footage" taken in 1996, to the stock footage of actual world leaders repurposed into this alternate history, every single choice here is hysterical.

I think my favourite part is that everyone in this documentary is American, except for the single Chinese pilot, because every big action movie these days must appeal to China. Although a close second is the implication that President Whitmore has spent every one of the 20 years since the first movie telling people the aliens are coming back. Less optimistic than his most famous speech, but much more paranoid!

Independence Day: Resurgence opens June 23.

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