This Behind-the-Scenes Warcraft Video Includes Some Intriguing New Footage 

This Behind-the-Scenes Warcraft Video Includes Some Intriguing New Footage

Like any niche of fandom, the Warcraft faithful love studying new trailers and footage to find clues about what the upcoming movie might hold. In addition to some awesome footage of how Warcraft was made, this latest featurette has some very interesting shots for fans to puzzle over.

Here's the featurette, which is from a UK YouTube channel, hence the title Warcraft: The Beginning.

It's fascinating to see what director Duncan Jones captured on set, side by side with what you'll see in theatres. Plus, that footage goes along nicely with this piece we ran recently about the mandates Jones had for the team at ILM.

Then there is the in-between footage, some of which is new and very curious. Specifically, there are a few shots of Draka and some kind of green monster which will have fans scratching their heads. What do you make of it all?

Warcraft opens June 16 in Australia.

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