The Wheel Of Time Is Going To Be A TV Series After All

The Wheel of Time Is Going to Be a TV Series After All

After last year's fight over the TV rights to Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time, Jordan's widow Harriet McDougal has said that the legal situation is sorted and a new adaptation is already on its way.

Here's the announcement published on Google+:

The following is a press statement that has been approved by the studio involved in contract negotiations:

Update: Wanted to share with you exciting news about The Wheel of Time. Legal issues have been resolved. The Wheel of Time will become a cutting edge TV series! I couldn't be more pleased. Look for the official announcement coming soon from a major studio — Harriet

Last year, a Wheel of Time "pilot" aired in the middle of the night by Red Lion Entertainment, apparently in a bid to keep the rights to Wheel of Time from returning to Robert Jordan's estate. Red Lion ended up suing McDougal over comments she made about the topic. Now, though, all of that is apparently settled and we'll hear the details about a TV series fit for the epic scope of the books soon.

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