The Avengers Have Already Begun Hyping The Crap Out Of Infinity War

Video: Now that Civil War is out of the way, Marvel's assortment of stars and the Russo brothers can now focus on their next big task at hand: spending the next few years talking about Infinity War. Here's a sneak peak of what's to come for the next few years of Marvel talking heads. The "teaser" comes courtesy of Sky Movies, and honestly there's not much new information in there. After all, these movies are years away and the script is still being worked on. But it does acknowledge that the template the Russo brothers built in Civil War — which, somehow, managed to handle a bunch of characters and yet not feel overstuffed — will return for Infinity War, which makes sense.

Which is pretty much all the cast can tell us so far: it will be big, and there are loads of characters in it. Elizabeth Olsen's reaction to that vast cast says it all:

The Avengers Have Already Begun Hyping the Crap Out of Infinity War

(Honestly, it's probably the best part of the video.) Marvel's pantheon of stars will surely continue to vaguely talk about Avengers: Infinity War (or whatever it ends up being named) until its first part releases in the US on 4 May 2018.

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