Snapchat Is Bringing One Of Its Biggest Features To Australia

Snapchat Is Bringing One Of Its Biggest Features To Australia
One of Snapchat's existing geofilters which can be added to photos.

After launching in the US, UK and Canada in February, Snapchat is bringing personalised geofilters to Australia.

The feature, which has the potential to be a huge hit for the special platform, is now live for Australia, Snapchat has confirmed to Business Insider.

This article originally appeared on Business Insider Australia

On-demand geofilters allow Snapchat users to create and publish personalised snap filters for their party, wedding, business or any type of event, wherever they are.

For example, for an 18th birthday at Circular Quay in Sydney, the venue or the person who’s holding the birthday could create the filter for everyone at that particular location to add to all their snaps for the night.

Likewise, businesses could add it to their location for special events, or local sporting clubs could for big matches.

To create one, users can just log on to the Snapchat On Demand website and then upload their design or edit one of Snapchat’s existing templates.

Users can choose an area the size of a building to a few city blocks where the filter can be used, and have it live for anywhere between an hour or 30 days. The filter will then be ready to go within one day of approval.

I tried to book out Sydney bar and club The Argyle for the night to see the cost, which at the moment still only charges in USD. In this particular instance, it would have set me back a little over $122.

Image The area I tried to book.

It’s easy to see how venues like the Argyle could easily implement this, essentially allowing for super cheap advertising from customers who Snapchat their friends with the venue’s geofilter over the top. There’s even an analytics dashboard for businesses to see how many people saw their filter over photos.

Likewise, venues who host parties or weddings could throw in a personalised filter as part of packages they offer.

As part of the Australian launch, Snapchat will also release around 100 new geofilters across certain locations in Sydney and Melbourne over the next couple of months.

The launch of this new features comes off the back of Snapchat’s hiring of former News Corp sales director Kathryn Carter as the company’s local general manager.