My 5 Favourite Lines From Star Trek: Voyager

My 5 Favourite Lines From Star Trek: Voyager

Star Trek Voyager went off the air 15 years ago on Monday. To commemorate this very depressing occasion, here are what I truly believe are the five best nonsequiturs (but not from the episode “Non-Sequitur”) from that occasionally brilliant, often unintentionally hilarious show. Image: Screencap from “Timeless”, Star Trek Voyager, Paramount via TrekCore

We know there are more. Many, many more. These just happen to be my favourites, but please share yours in the comments.

1) “Get the cheese to sickbay.”

2) “There’s coffee in that nebula.”

3) “It appears we have lost our sex appeal, captain.”


5) “Do nothing!”

TUVOK: So far, we have been unsuccessful in all our attempts to either explain or combat this phenomenon. And according to my calculations, the space we are currently occupying will implode in approximately three minutes 17 seconds. TORRES: You said there was another option. TUVOK: We do nothing. TORRES: Excuse me? CHAKOTAY: Are you suggesting we just let it crush us? TUVOK: Precisely.

Bonus: Alien who puffs out his face in annoyance