Make The Internet Angry, Get Cheaper Snickers

Some people might call this a cynical marketing ploy, or the internet bleeding over into real life where it doesn't belong. But we call this a chance to get cheap Snickers bars — and all you have to do is make everyone mad. Snickers and 7/11 will give you a chocolate bar for as little as 50 cents depending on how butt-hurt Australian social media is.

A collaboration between Mars Chocolate Australia (who makes Snickers), 7/11 and creative agency Clemenger BBDO, the Snickers 'Hungerithm' monitors social media posts — 14,000 of them daily, presumably on public-facing Twitter — with a 3000-word dictionary that determines whether posts are happy, angry or ambivalent.

10 different mood levels — from 'kinda meh' to 'losing it' — attract discounts from 58 per cent to 82 per cent. (Don't ask us where those percentages came from, we don't know either.) Based on the mood of the day, you can then visit on your phone and save a barcode, which you can then redeem at any 7/11 store around the country — no print-outs or apps needed.

The Snickers Hungerithm will be running from now until June 27, just before Australia's definitely-going-to-annoy-about-half-the-country Federal Election. [Snickers]

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