Listen To How The Billboard Chart Changed Week-by-Week Since 1956

Listen to How the Billboard Chart Changed Week-by-Week Since 1956

Ever wonder if you remember the successful music from your youth accurately? Well, why not listen to it all in one long, excruciating session of reminiscence.

This visualisation by Polygraph shows how the Billboard top 5 varied with time from all the way back in 1956 to the present day. Along the way it plays the song that was number 1 at the time, providing some audio feedback about exactly how long Bryan Adam's Everything I Do I Do It For You endured. (A very, very long time.)

It's all very neatly animated, and if you suddenly decided that mid 90s chart music is what you need to listen to like, right now, there are links to painful Spotify playlists, too. Brace yourself, this could sound very ugly.

[Polygraph via Flowing Data]

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