I'm Surprised It Took This Long To Make An Uber-Booking App

I'm Surprised It Took This Long to Make an Uber-Booking App

Uber is all about increasing efficiency in the economy, which is why I'm amazed that the app has never had a book-a-car-for-later service. Luckily, a university student has changed all that. TaxiLater is a simple app that lets you book Uber rides for later in the night. Not complicated, but how often have you been at a party, and heard someone say that they will "book the Uber around 8.50, so we'll leave at 9?" Even more to the point, rides to the airport at stupid-o'clock AM can be requested in advance, giving you a few more minutes in bed.

The app uses Uber's API, so I'm guessing all it does is make a standard Uber on-demand request at a certain time for you. There's still potential for Uber to improve the service — if rides could be booked in advance and seen by drivers, it would help distribute cars across the city. The company could also use pre-booked long rides as rewards for higher-starred drivers — although, on second thought, Uber probably doesn't need any more power over its non-employees.

Image: noeltock

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