GoPro's New Mobile Apps Are Designed To Make Editing Easy

Watch: GoPro has a new mobile creative editing suite with the apps Quik and Splice.

Quik is hailed by GoPro as the fastest and easiest way to create awesome videos from your GoPro or smartphone footage, offering "automated simplicity", while Splice focuses on desktop editing software power for mobile devices.

Quik automatically analyses your footage to find the best moments, adds transitions and effects, and syncs it all to the beat of the music (from the app or your own library).

You can choose from 28 unique video styles, each with unique filters, transitions, graphics and fonts. Custom text overlays, title slides and emojis are also on offer.

Quik also has ready-­‐to-­‐watch videos made from related moments on your mobile device automatically created once a week, which you can share on social media straight from the app.

Splice is designed for those who like to be a little more hands on. You can pick your transition style, trim clips, add filters, show off an epic shot in slo-­mo, and much more. You can add photos to your video and add documentary-­style effects.

Splice offers free soundtracks, you can trim and mix multiple tracks, and adjust the volume to fine-­tune the audio. You can also add sound effects, or narrate your video with a built-in voice recorder.

Both apps are free and available now in iOS.

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