ASUS Has A VR Headset Now As Well

If you had any doubt about the viability and longevity of virtual reality, that's OK — because the manufacturers sure don't.

ASUS has given attendees at Computex 2016 this year a glimpse of what will be a new VR headset, although there's few details available right now. What we know is that it's launching in 2017 and it's 5.7 inches wide diagonally, which indicates that it might be paired with the company's recently-revealed ZenFone 3 flagship smartphone. Mobile Geeks captured a video of the headset from the Computex floor, and you can check it out above.

The side of the headset has a touchpad and a few buttons, akin to the ZTE VR headset from Huawei. The latter is being made for Google's Daydream VR platform, and the similarity in design makes it hard not to believe that ASUS's new headset will be Daydream-compatible as well. It's an interesting floor reveal given that ASUS didn't talk about any new VR headsets during their press conferences last night. Either way, we'll know more about the company's plans for VR in the coming days.

The author travelled to Computex 2016 as a guest of Intel.

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