When Australians Buy 'Fun' Cars, They Don't Always Buy Sports Cars

For a decent chunk of people, having a car that is "fun to drive" is an essential motivator during the purchasing process. But according to new Roy Morgan research, the cars that seem the most fun — or perhaps have invested in the image of being fun — are not rated at the top in that category.

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This post originally appeared on Lifehacker.

Unsurprisingly, when people who wanted a "fun" car were surveyed on what they thought they'd like, a lot of premium brands were at the top of the list. Who wouldn't want a new Porsche?

But while BMW and Audi topped the list of cars we expect to be fun, the top brand that is actually fun to drive is Volkswagen, based on a survey on people driving those brands. Subaru came in just behind. (I know, right?)

Toyota, Nissan, and Ford were all rated as a lot less fun than people expected them to be, whereas the big surprise of the show is Skoda, which apparently no one expected would be fun but turned out to be a blast. Check out the full results below.

Fun-seeking car-buyers take note [Roy Morgan]

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