This Stock Footage Music Video Is A Living Nightmare I Can't Unsee

This Stock Footage Music Video Is a Living Nightmare I Can't Unsee

Video: Usually a music video conveys something about an artist's worldview. In this case, we can infer that the members of Tame Impala are successful businesspeople with limited control over their emotions. Or at least that might be editor Ben Aston is trying to convey with his video for "Nangs". He notes that the stock footage he stitched together "genuine, licence free and terrifying", and after watching a slow dolly shot zoom in on a naked man standing in the middle of a row of bathroom stalls, I'm inclined to agree. Getty, what were you thinking?

It's not the first video of this kind I've seen but it's easily the strangest. My genuine hope is that the people appearing in these clips had fun filming them. And that they got paid a lot of money.

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