Lian-Li's Slick, Tempered Glass Desk Doubles As A Computer Case

PC case manufacturer Lian-Li has a reputation for crafting wacky containers for your computer bits. Its latest offering however manages to blend wacky with practicality, being both a desk and a case.

Called the DK-04 X, the case features a tempered glass top and aluminium body. It measures 1.2m wide by 0.75m deep and has an adjustable height between 0.78m and 1.17m.

For the cooling obsessed, it packs eight 120mm fans, split evenly between the front and rear and along with space for the necessities — motherboard, power supply and such — you can also cram in 11 drives, as long as two of those are 2.5-inch.

What sort of damage will it do to your wallet? Plenty. According to Engadget's Daniel Cooper, it'll cost $US1499, or about $2000 in local currency. Sure, you could buy a great desk and case individually for a lot less, but you wouldn't be living in the future.

[Lian-Li, via Engadget]

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