The World's Largest Blue Diamond Is Up For Sale (If You Have $59 Million)

The World's Largest Blue Diamond Is Up for Sale (If You Have $US45 ($59) Million)

Fancy treating yourself? The world's largest ever blue diamond is going up for auction on May 18 at Christie's in Geneva. But you better have a healthy bank balance: It's expected to sell for somewhere in the region of $59 million. The stone — known as the Oppenheimer Blue, because it was previously owned by Sir Philip Oppenheimer who used to run De Beers — is a whopping 14.62 carats. That's about a 3g, if you're not used to handling diamonds.

Its sizes is only part of the justification for the price tag, though. Its colour is the other major selling point: According to Bloomberg, only 0.0001 per cent of all diamonds that come out of the earth are blue. Better get the check book out.

[Christies via Bloomberg]

Image by Christies

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