The Best Game On The Internet Is All About Weird WikiHow Illustrations

The Best Game On The Internet Is All About Weird WikiHow Illustrations

Oh WikiHow, how we love you and your sometimes nonsensical, sometimes super creepy illustrations. While most WikiHow articles feature relevant images of the actual process being described, more abstract articles like, say ‘How To Be Sexually Empowered’ sometimes require more abstract illustrations is a game that asks you to match WikiHow illustrations with their corresponding articles. It’s that simple. The name, apparently, came about simply because the domain name was free — you have to agree that it’s a damn good domain name.

While there are plenty of sites dedicated to exploring the worst and weirdest of WikiHow illustrations, the guessing game adds that little bit extra — oh, and when the right answer comes up it provides a link through to the original article, so you too can discover How To Stop Staring at a Girl’s Boobs, How To Understand The Male Ego or even How To Get Over Eavesdropped Phone Sex That You Had Without Knowing It Was Eavesdropped.

The game is also dangerously addictive — luckily I can write about it for work, otherwise I wouldn’t be getting anything useful done today.

Here are some of my favourites:

For reference, yes it was “How To Act Like The Doctor From Doctor Who”, but “How To Identify A Psychopath” probably suits just as well.

What great illustrations have you found? Let us know in the comments!