Someone Invented The Champagne Gun

Someone Invented The Champagne Gun

Just let that sink in folks. Yes, with all the world’s problems solved, one or more engineers tasked themselves with the last, great obstacle facing mankind: How does one efficiently spray another person with bubbly booze? Don’t panic, we figured it out.

Advertised as the “world’s first” such weapon, the Champagne Gun does exactly what it says on the bottle. Armed with a typical 1.5L magnum, the 4.54kg (loaded) rifle cant spurt liquid until such time the “clip” becomes empty.

It costs $US459 and comes in three colours — rose gold, chrome and regular gold. And, just in case their was some confusion as to what the Champagne gun can be used for, the makers provide this helpful reminder:

Apparently it’s “completely harmless”, but I’m already having nightmares of bottles shattering like a glass grenades on luxury yachts the world over.

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