Plantronics Introduces The RIG 4VR, A Headset Designed Specifically For PlayStation VR

Plantronics Introduces The RIG 4VR, A Headset Designed Specifically For PlayStation VR

Plantronics today announced the next in its successful RIG 500 series of headsets — the 4VR, a headset that (as the name might imply) is designed specifically for VR. The PlayStation VR headset, to be precise.

The headset is built along the same lines as other RIG headsets — the 500 and 500E. It’s modular, meaning bits and pieces like the headband and the ear cups can be swapped out for alternatives from the Plantronics store. It also has a removable mic boom à la the RIG 500e.

The Plantronics RIG 500 series have all proved to be neat, affordable little gaming headsets — but what’s so different about a headset that’s designed for VR? The main difference would have to be the inclusion of an interchangeable cable for use with the PlayStation VR’s standard 3.5mm jack, with the other cable intended for use with a PS4 DualShock 4. The ear cups are also oval rather than the round cups of the RIG 500 and 500e, which is apparently a design decision in the interests of making the headset more comfortable to wear with the PSVR.

“At Plantronics, we’ve been working with a variety of VR accessories and game developers to create audio solutions that can be worn comfortably while delivering the positional audio queues critical for VR,” said Jack Reynolds, Director of Gaming Products at Plantronics.

The ear cups are also vented for both heat dispersion and to allow in some ambient noise, which is definitely an important concern when playing VR games — you might well need to hear your friend telling you you’re about to run into the wall. The 4VR features 40mm drivers and low-frequency resonators for enhanced bass.

The noise-cancelling mic carries the same flip-to-mute boom that the other RIG 500s use, though the mic can only be used when the RIG 4VR is connected to a PS4 controller, rather than the VR headset itself. When connected to the PSVR, you can easily disconnect the mic altogether.

The Plantronics RIG 4VR will be available worldwide alongside the October 2016 launch of the PlayStation VR system, and is priced at $119 like the 500e.