Marvel’s Inhumans Movie No Longer Has A Release Date

Marvel’s Inhumans Movie No Longer Has A Release Date

It seems that the Inhumans movie — now part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe via Agents of SHIELD — is not moving forward as planned. The film, announced in late 2014, had a target US release of 12 July 2019. But earlier this month, Marvel president Kevin Feige said he expected that to change. Now, it’s confirmed:

According to an April 11 Entertainment Weekly report, that doesn’t necessarily mean the movie is off the schedule completely. There are just a few other bigger projects in the way, including a certain hopeful franchise-in-the-making:

In the time since the Inhumans movie was announced in October 2014, Marvel Studios has added a number of new projects to its lineup, including a partnership project with Sony Pictures for a 2017 Spider-Man reboot with Tom Holland as the webslinger.

So, it’s a matter of priorities, sounds like. (And it’s not the first time the release of Inhumans has been bumped.) Maybe the delay will give Marvel more time to make us want an Inhumans movie in the first place?