How To Keep Your Electric Razor In Tip Top Condition

How To Keep Your Electric Razor In Tip Top Condition

Electric shavers offer a quick, comfortable and clean way to shave. There’s no messing around with creams or water, perfect for shaving on the go. But electric razors are also precision tools, and over time can become clogged and worn. To get the perfect shave you need to take care of your shaver.

Wear and tear will only increase if the shaver isn’t properly cleaned and lubricated. Make sure you clean the razor properly after every shave, but there’s also nothing like professional service. Braun, for instance, recommends you take your razor in for the experts to have a look at every 18 months.

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What happens to shavers over time

Over time shavers will accumulate gunk — dried lather, stray hairs, and even bits of skin. You can avoid some of these issues with diligent cleaning, especially with soapy water. Some shavers come with automatic cleaners, and others can be run while under water, use these functions regularly.

After 18 months of daily use you will have shaved as many hairs as there are blades of grass on a soccer field. This can take its toll on the high performance moving parts that make it work. The cutter foil and cutter block operate like a pair of scissors, and they will start to wear out over time.

All this can have knock on effects. Shaving performance will be affected, the blades starting to tear hair and drag against the skin. More power will be required for each shave, putting pressure on the motor and requiring you to charge more often. You might need to go over the same areas repeatedly to get a clean shave. This can lead to irritation, razor burn and inflammation. When you notice these issues its more than time to take your razor in for a service.

What you can do about it

After each shave ensure you clean your shaver thoroughly. Disconnect it from power and clear out debris using a brush or running it under soapy hot water if you can. Make sure the razor is completely dry before you stash it away.

Put a drop of oil on the blades regularly to lubricate the blades. Above all be careful with the foils and cutting heads, both are delicate and can be easily dinged. Use the included brush when you are working on your razor, these are specially made for this purpose.

But you should also book your electric razor in for a service regularly, at least every 18 months. Companies like Shaver Shop are experts in electric razors, and can clean and replace any parts. It’s quick, easy, and will ensure your shaver gives you optimal performance for years to come.

Braun has partnered with Shaver Shop to offer free pit stops for its customers. If you have a Braun razor, you can book your shaver in for a free service and only pay for any replacement parts.

Visit Braun to learn more about achieving the perfect shave.