Don’t Forget Telstra’s Free Data Day This Sunday

Don’t Forget Telstra’s Free Data Day This Sunday

As a way of saying sorry — again — for the massive network outage on 20 March, Telstra is offering free data to customers on 3 April.

Last time Telstra offered free data as compensation for an outage (which was caused by someone literally turning something they shouldn’t have off and back on again) ,1,841 terabytes was downloaded — making it Telstra’s busiest day on the network, ever.

“We sincerely apologise to our customers for the inconvenience we have caused again,” a Telstra spokesperson said of the 20 March outage. “As a way of saying we’re sorry we’ll be providing a free data day for all of our mobile customers on Sunday 3 April.

“We had a problem that triggered a significant number of customers to be disconnected from the network. Reconnecting them to the network caused congestion. We had a connection problem overseas impacting international roaming customers which then had a flow-on effect domestically,” Telstra explained.

Telstra have been contacted regarding any compensation for the subsequent 22 March outage which was limited to Perth, Sydney and Melbourne.