Could Pretty Much Anyone Just Make A Jackson Pollock Painting?

Could Pretty Much Anyone Just Make a Jackson Pollock Painting?

Video: You know that feeling, we've all had it. You're walking in a museum and stumble upon something you think is so simple, a piece that is so ridiculous that you look at it and then look at the people around you and are like, "Oh my god, I could totally do this. How is this art?!" You might even wave your arms in an exasperated fashion. You might think art is stupid. You're also totally wrong. Sure, we all probably think we could recreate that painting by Jackson Pollock. After all, it's just the messy crayon scribbles we made as kids blown up to a bigger canvas with messier paint involved. But learning more about how Pollock worked with his subconscious to paint, how he made physical manifestations of his psyche in his work, how he subverted tradition in art and how he actually, well, made the paintings we all claimed we could do but never did, it changes the perspective a bit on why art is considered art even if we think anyone could do it.

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