Australia Is Yet Again The World's Biggest Game Of Thrones Pirate

In keeping with our nation's convict history, Australia was once again the country with the most illegal downloads of the latest episode of "Game of Thrones". The first episode of the show's sixth season was only aired at lunch time on Monday, yet more than a million people have pirated the episode in less than 24 hours.

TorrentFreak has estimated that Australia represented 12.5% of all torrent downloads for the episode, followed by India with 9.7%, the US with 8.5%, and the UK with 6.9%.

Despite the mammoth amount of downloads, it still wasn't enough to eclipse Australia's world record, which was 1.5 million in its first 12 hours, achieved on last season's finale.

The one million downloads comes despite legal means of watching the show through Foxtel. However, the pay TV operator locked all digital rights down too, meaning iTunes, Quickflix and other digital providers can’t make the show available until the series is completely finished.

Foxtel is hoping to curb piracy of "GoT" by offering a discounted Foxtel Play subscription; however, if episode one is of any indication, it's not exactly working.

Foxtel will be fighting the "Game of Thrones" battle on multiple fronts, with not only pirates a concern, but also HBO’s Now streaming service. While Now isn’t officially available in Australia, it’s not hard to use a DNS or VPN service to get around it.

Although, the cost of $US14.99 plus $2-3 per month for a workaround leaves you with roughly only a $5 discount compared to Foxtel Play.

The next episode of "Game of Thrones" airs on Monday.

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    You forgot to mention the one big advantage of using HBO Now; the chance to stick it to Foxtel/Murdoch.

      HBO Now's content is ad-free, high definition and of a much higher standard than Foxtel's rubbish offerings, and it costs $5 less. And I get to screw over Murdoch as a bonus. Sounds like a perfect deal to me.

      I'll be damned if I'll support Foxtel with a cent of my money.

      Last edited 27/04/16 10:37 am

        And you can watch on TV with a chromecast.

    And the piracy will not stop as long as Foxtel maintains it's iron grip on the distribution rights to the show and locks out all competitors.

    I suspect that a good percentage of this is no longer about just seeing the show but also waving a middle finger at Foxtel and their monopoly. There are an increasing number of people that hold a grudge toward Foxtel's practices in Australia. I don't personally care about GoT but I do feel a large degree of frustration with them for what they've done to FTA motorsport in this country. I'd like my MotoGP/2/3, F1 and V8 Supercars back, please Mr Murdoch!

    If I am not mistaken, these figures are usually based on tracking Torrents. Australia is a "western" country without cheap or easy access to the show (Foxtel/Play is 3 times the price of buying a season on itunes) and relatively loose laws on torrenting. Many other western countries have better access options and stronger laws against torrenting.

    With surveys such as this I wonder if other countries are simply using streaming sites and file lockers which are harder to track than torrents.

      This would also be tracking public trackers, plenty of torrenters use private trackers (or usenet)

    I do have a subscription to Foxtel... And not a day goes by where I don't hate myself for it. It is literally the worst, most overpriced service. It is by no means worth the money, but because they get exclusive rights to so many things (live sport is my main interest) what choice did I have.

    Anyways what I wanna say is what we all know to be true. Without doubt the piracy numbers would be way way way less if GoT was available on multiple services or platforms, or if HBO Now was available here without the workaround. HBO is digging its own grave by giving exclusive rights to a single service that no one wants.

    Foxtel play is a piece of shit and way too expensive.
    I'd gladly pay for HBO's but I refuse to pay for something and be called a 'geo' pirate anyway.
    I'll buy their content when they're ready to sell it to me at a reasonable price.

    What's also funny is Foxtel is 100% free to watch in HD for 3 months right now. And then cancel with no penalty.

    Some people will just complain about everything.

      Please post a link to this 3 months Free deal.
      And ill be waiting to point out where you lied about it being free.

        Free for the first 3 months no lock in contract but you have to be a Telsra customer.

          So your not going to see the whole season in 3 months. If you don't cancel after the 3 months it's $134 pm for the 24 month period minus the first 3 so 21.

            The final episode of the season airs on June 26. April, May, June... yep.

              Could be onto something there, though the first episode aired on the 26th? so its you wouldn't get disconnected until the 27th so that's hitting the contract period


    And yes, apparently you need to be a customer already, which is achieved by purchasing and activating a $2 SIM. So it's not quite free (to become a customer), but free Foxtel for all intents and purposes.

    OK foxtel has the rights and they're failing. If they want to win this war they need awesome price and availability. Make us love you again foxtel or you'll go broke. At this point I hope you do. I feel sorry for HBO. Foxtel fail them to.

    My fellow Australians, please use a cheap VPN and choose a USA server so it gives the appearance that it is US residents pirating GoT and that Australia's lame copyright protection laws are working. If it looks like our lame laws aren't working, our free trade masters will force draconian laws on us in the future.

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