Win! A Star Wars: Force Awakens Theatrical Poster And Dendy Direct Gift Cards

To celebrate the April 1 launch of Star Wars: The Force Awakens on digital, we've teamed up with Dendy Direct to give away a framed theatrical poster from the movie and a bunch of gift cards, so you can own The Force Awakens yourself. Dendy loves Star Wars, and we're sharing the love with you.

Entry is simple: to enter into the draw, leave us a comment below — in 25 words or less, tell us who your favourite character in The Force Awakens was, and why! Keep your answers fun and interesting — don't be afraid to have a controversial opinion! — and we'll be more likely to pick you out.

Here's what you could win — our favourite comment will get a framed theatrical release poster for Star Wars: The Force Awakens and a Dendy Direct $10 Gift Card, thanks to our friends at Dendy Direct. If you're one of the 20 runner-up winners, we'll give you a $10 Dendy Direct Gift Card so you can own the movie yourself online and watch it whenever you want.

Make sure you enter your correct email address when you're leaving a comment, so we can get in touch with you if you win. Our competition will be open from 12PM AEDT March 24th until 12PM AEDT March 31, and we'll pick and announce winners at 12PM AEDT on April 1. You can find full T&Cs here.

For the launch of The Force Awakens on April 1, Dendy Direct has a promotional price for its digital stream or download — just $5.89 in Standard Definition and $6.89 in High Definition, available until April 12th. To sign up for that promo, visit the Dendy Loves Star Wars website. And may the Force be with you!

The Force awakens first on digital on April 1.

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    My favourite character would have to be TR-8R. He added a new dimension and introduced weaponry to the Stormtroopers!

    Because I took a day off and flew Brisbane-Sydney to watch it in IMAX.
    I also had a wonderful day in Sydney!

    Poe Dameron.

    Crashes X-Wing. Almost dies. Disappears.
    You just know he was off having a good time with a Twi'lek dancer.

    BB-8, because of the way he tackles stairs like a boss.

    Finn! For his propensity to keep holding everyones hand all the time.

    Luke Skywalker

    That turn, that steely glare. The movie simply would not have felt complete without him.

    Luke Skywalker. No man in the history of movies can stand near a cliff and not scream NOOOOO Luke showed us history means nothing in Star Wars.

    Last edited 24/03/16 12:53 pm

    Poe Dameron. He was the "straight man" to the general wackiness of the SW universe. His smartass quips were almost like 4th wall breaking exposition.

    Finn - cos damn we need some multicultural main characters with significant screen time

    'twas a girl named Rey
    Who waited night and day
    Epic journey was undertaken
    Then inside the force awaken
    And saved a galaxy far away.

    Last edited 24/03/16 3:14 pm

    Definitely BB-8, I've never seen a better thumbs up anywhere in a galaxy near or far far away.

    The eye-catching concept of a ‘ball droid’ is phenomenal. Classic character R2D2 is my favourite due to humour and the only character present in every saga.

    Kylo Ren. He bottle's it all up but his body language screams uncertainty and confusion. Such a deep character. He can recover.

    BB-8! That droid has style - making a thumbs up with a flame was genius! And who can deny his level of adorableness!

    Rey - because she somehow knows how to use the Force without knowing about it at the start

    Rey-she increased the galactic kickass population by 50% without being a princess and having someone hold her hand

    C-3PO because he accepts himself as a gay robot.

    Wedge Antilles. In my head version of the movie, he's replaced Poe in all scenes

    Or for someone actually in the movie, how about Admiral Akbar?
    Because much as I liked seeing new faces, the continuity of the heroes of the rebellion into being heroes of the resistance made the movie connect to the originals.

    Kylo Ren. He's flawed, unpredictable, menacing, exciting and clearly powerful AND full of potential. Hopefully with less lightside attachment he can fully realise that potential.

    Mark Hamill's hair. Everyone waited 32 years to see his glorious jedi mullet only to be forced to wait 120 minutes more. Was not disappointed.

    Kylo Ren for marrying the dark side of the force with petulant teen angst, along with the reactions of others to his hissy fits.

    Kylo Ren, because he had the guts to chuck a tantrum at work and break things (something that we all dream of doing).

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