When You'll Probably Get Married, Visualized

When You'll Probably Get Married, Visualized

Single? Lonely? Looking for more commitment? Well, this chart will tell you when you'll probably get married, based on your employment status, education, race and gender.

Created by Nathan Yau from Flowing Data, the interactive chart is based on data from the American Community Survey between 2009 and 2014. It lets you choose from a series of filters to get a better understanding of the average and distribution of age at marriage for someone of your demographic. The green line is women, the orange line men.

The data shows that women marry younger than men regardless of background, but the distributions, not just the averages, are interesting. Notice, for instance, that those with a high school education get married across a broad range of ages, while those with advanced degrees seem to agree that the late 20s is the time to get hitched.

Go take a look at when you'll get hitched.

[Flowing Data]



    Shame they don't give a demographic of when you're going to get divorced. Divorce rates are close to 50 percent

    I was married at 21 and we were uneducated and unemployed............which seems to match up alright. We basically got married cause we had nothing else.......that sounds sadder than it was.

    I should be married last year..... not even dating someone.

    Oh well I bet I'm still having more sex than those people that got married.

    I imagine if there was gay preference option, the graph would immediately flatten.

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