What Civil War Spider-Man's Face Would Really Look Like

Since his appearance in most recent Civil War trailer, there's been a lot of discussion about Spider-Man's eyes. Why do they move? It's a suit! We may never know.

What we do know, thanks to the internet, is what his face would actually look like if that's where his eyes were placed on his face. Behold!

This is problematic.

Can the person behind this image please stand up? I want to give you a high five (and credit you for your work).

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    looks like the movie studio wanted to more facial articulation and didn't care if it didn't make sense. go hollywood!

    Yeah...because the spacing of the eyes on the mask is the part that's unrealistic about a guy who can stick to walls and pick up cars...

      Dude, he's SPIDERMAN. His powers have an explanation, and aren't completely USELESS, whereas the eyes on the new mask? Pointless, having no reason behind them, and utterly stupid.

    No. That overlay picture shows a massive misunderstanding of how human anatomy actually looks. You don't extend the top of the mask to the top of the hair, and you don't match the side of the mask to the edges of the ears. The overlaid face is way too small, which is why the eyes look like they would have to be in the wrong place.

      But look at the mask and look at the nose on it. Think about it - the eyes still don't fit right where the eyeholes are. So it's still unrealistic and illogical.

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