Watch: The 'Wolf Creek' Stan Original Series Trailer

Available May 12, the six-episode Stan original Wolf Creek series stars John Jarratt as Australia's favourite on-screen serial killer Mick Taylor, alongside the deadly Deborah Mailman (Offspring, Redfern Now, The Sapphires) and Miranda Tapsell (Love Child, Redfern Now, The Sapphires).

At first the story is familiar: Mick Taylor targets an American tourist family to terrorise and destroy. But the tables are turned when 19-year-old Eve survives the massacre and starts to rebuild her shattered existence by embarking on a mission of revenge.

Wolf Creek also stars Lucy Fry (11.22.63, The Preppie Connection, Vampire Academy), Dustin Clare (Strike Back, ANZAC Girls, Spartacus: War of the Damned), Jessica Tovey (Wonderland, Dance Academy, Home & Away), Jake Ryan (Wentworth, Fat Tony & Co, Underbelly: Razor) and Richard Cawthorne (Catching Milat, Fat Tony & Co., Bikie Wars: Brothers in Arms). With guest stars Robert Taylor (Longmire) and Gary Sweet (House Husbands).

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