Watch The Super-Violent Hardcore Henry Trailer And Try Not To Get Motion Sickness

Video: Hardcore Henry is either going to be the most awesome film of all time, or it’s going to make you puke with its POV shaky-cam action. Or both. It’s like a whole movie shot by a cyborg wearing a GoPro. Can you stand it?

The above trailer gives a pretty good sense of what this movie is about. You’re Henry, a guy who’s lost an arm and a leg — but you get new cybernetic attachments. Then you abseil out of the hospital because your wife has been kidnapped, and you have to go find her. The main point of all this is just to have insane super-violence that feels up close and personal, which sounds just fantastic. I’m in. As long as I don’t get too motion sick.

I complained about Pandemic for having boring POV zombie-killing action — but this movie seems much faster paced, and approximately 1000 per cent less taking itself seriously.