Virtual Reality Will Make Fools Of Us All

Virtual Reality Will Make Fools of Us All

Virtual reality might be a transformative technology with untold potential across dozens of fields. But it's also most definitely a great way to make young and old alike look dumb as hell.

What you're looking at is the "virtual desk" phenomenon, when someone in a VR headset (in this case, an HTC Vive) gets carried away and tries to lean on an object that doesn't exist in the real world. It's about the same as the false step at the top of a staircase, only a full-body experience with no chance to catch the fall.



    I feel VR bail videos are going to be the 2006 equivalent of Wii nun-chuck projectiles

    There is also a reason that the Vive, Sony and Occulus all say in their instructions, Children under the age of 12-14 shouldnt be using VR.

      Plenty of videos of adults falling over in these headsets. Not sure age is the only risk factor.

    Little kids fall down stupidly all the time, no matter what they have on their heads, they're like puppies.

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