Today's Apple-FBI Hearing Has Been Delayed 

Today's Apple-FBI Hearing Has Been Delayed

Yesterday, it came to light that the FBI may no longer need Apple to unlock the San Bernardino iPhone. The two sides were due to meet in court again today, but the hearing has been delayed. The news that the FBI may not need Apple's help saw the courts quickly grant a two-week pause while the government tries out a new approach. It claims that it's been presented with alternative means of unlocking the phone by a third party, which could be used to break into the now infamous iPhone. It's not clear who has provided the FBI with the alternative, or what it entails.

This all means that the hearing scheduled for Tuesday, March 22 has now been vacated by the courts. The government has been ordered to file a status report about its progress by April 5.

[The Intercept]

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    Whether the alternative hack is viable or not doesn't really matter. It's not like the FBI really care about the content of the phone. This seems more about attacking Apple's reputation publicly by saying they have a hack, which then gives Apple a choice to make about their reputation. Do they want to be know as the company that collaborated with the state, or as the company with bad security?

    On reflection, this all makes the accidental locking of the phone seem a lot less plausible. It is just a means to an end.

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