This Weirdly Simple Glitch Will Make Your iPhone Feel Much Faster

This Weirdly Simple Glitch Will Make Your iPhone Feel Much Faster

The iPhone, especially the latest and greatest iPhone 6s, is an incredibly fast machine. But unless you jailbreak your iPhone, you don’t really understand just how fast it can be. That’s largely because Apple prettied up iOS with springboard animations, those annoying slow zoom motions when you launch any app. Luckily, an iOS glitch discovered by 9to5Mac kills off those animations entirely.

The way you get rid of these animations is sort of strange. First go into Settings and then General > Accessibility. Under the Interaction heading click on Assistive Touch.

Now, for the weird part. You’re going to drag the transparent icon that pops up to the very bottom right corner. Then, from the home screen, quickly swipe down and summon Spotlight. As soon as the chat icon reorientates above the keyboard, tap Spotlight closed. Repeat this over and over and over, until you see that Spotlight is significantly faster. Like magic, springboard animations are gone completely.

In my experience on iOS 9.2.1, trying to activate the glitch can be somewhat tricky, and it goes away as soon as you power cycle your iPhone. Just keep at it, though. You’ll most likely see a noticeable performance hiccup once the glitch works. Neat!

[9to5Mac via Michael Hession]