This Video From A 1976 Star Trek Convention Proves How Little Has Changed

This Video From a 1976 Star Trek Convention Proves How Little Has Changed

Video: This segment from what has to be local news on a 1976 Star Trek convention being held in Northglenn Mall in Denver, Colorado, is fairly amazing. Not just for the fans, who are awesome, nor for the reporter, who is unintentionally hilarious. But for the reminder that all these decades later, cons really haven't changed that much. From the show floor to the autograph tables (oh man, look how young Leonard Nimoy and James Doohan look!) to the cosplay runway, all of the things in this video are recognisably the same thing we see at cons now. Save the crowds, which nowadays clog up everything and kind of bum us out.

Also, the interviewer? He's actually the most depressing part of the video. For the way he barks out "Who do you think you are?" at a Kirk cosplayer to the fact that he asks a Caitian if his people are ancestors to Romulans and Vulcans. That question took all the air out of my lungs, and I had to sit down so I wouldn't be dizzy. That's just offensive to M'Ress.

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    There is something very much not right with this. It's almost like it's trying *too* hard to belong in the mid-seventies.

    For the majority, the soundtrack is too... wrong. If it was recorded on a portable reel-to-reel then fidelity-wise it would be okay - but since it (appears) to have been mastered to 8mm, that leaves only the 8mm strip for audio - which was crappy audio. If it is audio straight to 8mm, then same.

    Color palette changes several times. Reel changes but explain it - might. The short and very fuzzy edits with Nimnoy and Doohan are an example. I'll bet if you search around, you'll find they come from a different source.

    At 2:09, I'm not buying that frame repeat at all.

    At 2:15 there is a deliberately introduced fubbed edit to a still (a woman) before an image of Kirk.

    Why would someone go to the trouble to make something like this? I don't know. But it certainly does not feel right.

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