This New Behind The Scenes Video Gives Us Our First Look At Game Of Thrones Season Six… Sort Of

Video: Sure, we’ve had multiple teases for Game of Thrones‘ sixth season, but none of them have given us actual, honest to god footage from the season. However, this new featurette focusing on the camera work that goes into a huge production like Game of Thrones does give us an actual look at the next season… from a certain point of view.

So yes, this extensive behind the scenes video contains no final footage of Game of Thrones‘ highly anticipated sixth season, sure. But it does have footage of camera teams tirelessly shooting scenes from the season, so it’s a kind of halfway look at what’s to come in Westeros and Essos.

There’s definitely some teasing shots in there that definitely can be linked to some of the very spoilery details we’ve heard about season six so far — the large battle scenes featuring Northern soldiers, scenes set in Winterfell and the hordes of Dothraki in particular, tie in to a few of the biggest rumours about the show — but there’s a ton of interesting snippets here, covering everything from the Wall to King’s Landing, and all the way across the narrow sea.

Take a look for yourself in the video above, and take a moment to appreciate all the hard camera work that goes into filming a massive series like Game of Thrones at the same time.