This Kiwi Music Video Was Filmed With A Kinect And Industrial Laser Scanner

Video: New Zealand electronica artist Devin Abrams, under his solo project Pacific Heights, has just released a music video for his newest single Buried By The Burden. The video wasn't actually filmed with any cameras, though — instead, the entire environment was depth-captured with an industrial laser scanner, while the song's vocalist Louis Baker's likeness was recorded in 3D space with an Xbox Kinect. The effect is really trippy, but it's also eerily beautiful at the same time.

The video's director Sam Peacocke used a laser scanner to capture the environment, and then imported the data into 3D animation software and added the higher-resolution depth data from the Kinect. Recreated in starkly contrasted white pin-dots on a black background, Pacific Heights' clip for Burden is both a good look at what computers 'see', and a great piece of music and film-making.

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