This Electric Fork Simulates A Salty Flavour By Shocking Your Tongue

This Electric Fork Simulates a Salty Flavour By Shocking Your Tongue

Dousing every meal in salt might make food tastier, but all that extra sodium is eventually going to raise your blood pressure -- giving you bigger problems than bland food. So researchers in Japan have built a prototype electric fork that uses electrical stimulation to simulate the taste of salt. Designed and engineered using the research on electric flavouring at the University of Tokyo's Rekimoto Lab, the battery-powered fork features a conductive handle that completes a circuit when the tines make contact with a diner's tongue, electrically stimulating their taste buds.

This Electric Fork Simulates a Salty Flavour By Shocking Your Tongue

The prototype fork, which was built from just $24 worth of electronics, creates the sensation of both salty and sour, and has adjustable levels of stimulation, given that everyone has unique taste buds. When pushed too far, though, the fork can produce an unpleasant metallic taste in the mouth. So if it's ever commercialised, there will need to be an initial calibration procedure to ensure a pleasant and tasty dining experience, without going so far as to cause physical discomfort.

[Nikkei Technology]


    Passing a current through your tongue will probably raise your blood pressure and maybe give you a heart attack

    Salt in your diet is only a risk for people with very high blood pressure already (this is what all the latest research and meta-stsudies show), it's not a problem for people with normal blood pressure and no heart issues so using something like this for most people is moronic.

    However, for those few who who DO have a problem, this could be useful in keeping them on their awful, boring, band food regimen.

    Anyone who ever stuck their tongue on a nine volt battery as a kid knows this isn't going to end well.

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