This Bread Maker's Accent Is Like A Massage For Your Brain

This Bread Maker's Accent Is Like a Massage for Your Brain

Most of the letters that chef Bruno Albouze says are vowels, and eeeeiiit souwnduhs ieencrayedaboulh.

I think this is a video where he teaches you to make a baguette-like bread, but honestly I'm too blissed out on his voice. He's like Bob Ross but from some fictional European country. Did you hear he just said "horizontal"? oh-RE-zun-tah. About a minute the video switches to voiceover... AND THAT MAKES IT EVEN BETTER.


    That's an extremely Americanised French accent. I find it pretty grating myself.

      The accent just does not seem natural at all.

    but from some fictional European country

    Granted you might not have heard of it Bryan, but I can assure you France is very much a real place. At least you've heard of Europe.

    Sounds like Jean Claude Van Damme with less hits to the head.

    He sounds like he's trying to emulate the guy in the knife demonstration video that everyone has seen at one time or another.

      Not seen that one. Wouldn't know.

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