These Captions Lampooning Ludicrous Tech Company Decor Are Perfect

These Hilarious Captions Lampooning Ludicrous Tech Company Decor Are Simply Perfect

Seriously, what other industry makes its most important decisions while sitting on fake hay bales at Pac-Man tables in pirate-ship themed treehouses?

Yes, every tech company's office is garbage. But thanks to design critic Chappell Ellison, we start to see how joyously embarrassing this type of man-child interior design actually is. Ellison took the time to caption a few of the worst startup decor offenders. It's almost as if Mad Men took place in 2013 Mountain View. Or... something.



    So many idiots, so much money.

    Where's a good depression era when you need one?

    Last edited 12/03/16 9:13 am

      Nice way of pulling it.

      The ball-filled room wouldn't fly in Australia with all the OHS rules in-place.

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