There's A Total Solar Eclipse Next Wednesday

Video: If you're in the northern half of Australia, next Wednesday 9 March is the day you should get out of bed early. There will be a solar eclipse occurring, where the Moon passes between Earth and the Sun. It'll be a complete and total eclipse for Indonesia and the central Pacific region, but even in Australia -- especially Darwin -- you'll be able to see it happening.

The March 9 solar eclipse starts at approximately 9:29AM local time in Alice Springs, and before it ends at 11:06AM it'll peak (at 10:16AM) with 11 per cent coverage of the Sun -- meaning a noticeable drop in solar brightness for a short period of time. Darwin has it even better, with a 9:07AM local time kick-off, 11:34AM end time and a peak 50 per cent brightness drop at 10:17AM. ABC News has an excellent overview of the start, peak and end times for each region of Australia. [YouTube / ABC News]


    Taking the day off for it but don't tell my wife because she thinks i am taking it off for our wedding anniversary.

    Sweet I work outdoors every day so will be awesome

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