The New Baby MacGyver Is A Member Of The X-Men

The New Baby MacGyver Is a Member of the X-Men

It's Lucas Till, who is most recognisable as Havok in the X-Men prequels. Apparently, a child clone of Richard Dean Anderson could not be obtained. Till is going to be playing MacGyver in the rebooted series for CBS, which follows the resourceful troubleshooter in his university years, right as he's recruited into the agency he worked for in the original series. (We're all looking forward to the next prequel, which will feature primary school-aged MacGyver.) Joshua Boone (Fan Girl) will play Gunner, his requisite best friend from high school.

It's important to note that Till's been cast in the new MacGyver TV show, but not the MacGyver movie being made by Lionsgate. Yet.


Image: X-Men Days of Future Past

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    Whaaaa? Without Richard Dean Anderson there IS no MacGyuver. He's the man, the legend, the mullet- not some douchey rentboy in an oversized shirt.

      He's also now older than dirt and has lost that slim physique ;)
      I just hope his replacement uses real world hacks and not pretendy ones like RDA. It was fine for the day, but we're a bit more savvy these days. Plus can we petition them to aim it at a broader base, not just tweens please.

      Last edited 22/03/16 4:11 pm

        Mac saved the world several times over, and then went on to save the galaxy and the universe several more times more, I think he deserves to relax in his old age.

        Between this reboot and the Xena reboot, i hope and pray that they will be good, and not some night rider unmemorable garbage. These shows are classics for a reason.

          Err Ok, I wasn't diss'n him just pointing out his current situation, we all get there eventually. Personally I'm a big fan of his scope of work, I just don't want the remake to be a teen angst driven pile of drivel.

        That's right, he's too old to play McGyver anymore so = no MacGyver.

          Well if that's how you're gonna be, I'm going home! Now Where's my ball?

          Last edited 22/03/16 6:03 pm

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