The Movie References Quentin Tarantino Used In The Hateful Eight

The Movie References Quentin Tarantino Used in The Hateful Eight

Quentin Tarantino is a master filmmaker who loves to cite old movies in his work and even reference his own work in his films, it's a wonderful cycle that adds another layer inside a movie for film buffs to appreciate. Here are those references he made in his latest movie, The Hateful Eight.


    so, there is a fine line between paying homage/tribute to something and simply ripping it off because you are too lazy/stupid to compose your own shots....personally think tarantino's efforts are usually in the latter of those two...

    I agree with AnonBob, it has long been known that Tarantino loves old movies, specially obscure and relatively unknown movies, but it has also been known he loves to rip off scenes and parts of stories because he is too lazy to create a movie from zero. What's worst is that those "homages" like he and his fanboys/fangirls likes to call them are never referenced in the credits, there should be something like the references section in serious articles, that way people or rather their more ardent fans, would get to know the original movies (kill bill, for example, was heavily influenced by the movie Lady Snowblood, which bears its name due to the bloody sword fight in the snow... which Quentin ripped off and used it in his movie).

    I finally watched the video (internet connection in here in the south of Baja is really scarse) and I can say a lot of the "references" are really forced to fit the narrative, scenes with birds could also be "birds" by Hitchcock, the scene with the guys comming down the hill in the sand/snow could be any other cowboy movie done in the 60s (there are quite a few mexican cowboy movies with those types of scenes before and after "the good, the bad and the ugly", remember that spaghetti westers were ripoffs in themselves from movies made in Asia and México and "tarantas" himself is a known fan of mexican westerns, luchalibre, and weird sci-fi movies like those movies with El Santo and other wrestlers).

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