The Latest Ghostbusters Trailer Is A Definite Improvement

The first full trailer released for the Ghostbusters reboot was, well, okay. It certainly wasn't perfect, and it certainly didn't meet the expectations that have been put on the film -- there's a big legacy to live up to, after all. Getting the right balance of action and humour had fun proven a little elusive. This fan-cut version was so much better, and pretty much nailed the original feel of the franchise.

It seems the team behind Ghostbusters have taken notice with the latest trailer. Take a look, and tell us what you think.

The film will be released on 14 July 2016.


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    Well thanks...

      That is correct, hence why it is now better.

        Here is the new one -

    It wasn't that the trailer was shit, it's that the movie itself is shit. You can make a trailer look as good as you want, it's still not going to fix the movie.

      And you've seen the movie?

        Unless they are mysteriously hiding the good bits, I think it's safe to say the problem is the movie itself. It says a lot that the better received fan cuts remove most of the dialogue from the trailer, and almost all of the jokes.

    I know this film will do well, but I'm still not buying into it. I'll rather watch all the twilight films, strap to a chair, while having a root canal with no anesthetic than watch this film.

      I'd rather watch this Ghostbusters film.

    I'm actually looking forward to it, I enjoyed Spy and this is made by the same guy so hopefully it will be good. It may not be the original team, but it's still more Ghostbusters.

    get rid of the 30 years ago text crap... it makes you think this is a sequel , it isn't, its a reboot. put back the original sound effects of the proton packs, the new ones sound crap ! and stop making the Aussie sound like a Bogan ! OMG !

    Sorry if I'm uninformed here but is this a reboot or a remake?
    Is it set in the same world as the original ghostbusters?
    From the logo scene in this trailer I would guess it's not.

    This seems like a big mistake... why reinvent it? I feel like more people would be on board with this if it was set in the same world.

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    I smiled at the Hemsworth logo scene, which is more of a response than the last trailer combined.

    - Gizmodo headline on the first trailer says it's perfect. Reader opinion is contrasted to the point where you have to make a statement saying Gizmodo aren't being paid to advertise this movie.
    - Then you guys say a fan made trailer is better.
    - Then you post 2-3 articles in just as many days about this movie all excited about it.
    - Then you say the new trailer is much better. Reader opinion says it still looks like rubbish.

    So who exactly are Gizmodo staff pandering too? Is it because it was Women's day recently? Have you signed agreements requiring forced gender equality coverage?

    If you want to represent females more, I'm sure there are many other things you could write about instead of articles that most of your readership doesn't agree with.

      Those stories were all written by different authors, so it's natural to have different opinions expressed in them - especially with something as well loved as the Ghostbusters franchise.

      This article is just *my* opinion on how things have developed so far, along with the latest trailer. Another writer on Giz may have a different perspective, and that's totally fine too :)

        But all those articles *don't* have different opinions in them. They're all trying to claim this reboot looks exciting, fun and so on, when it really looks like an amateur fan-film with poor acting, terrible dialogue, forced jokes and atrocious cgi.

        Well done for completely bypassing what the original commenter said in your response, by the way.

          Your opinion.
          I think it looks fun, I hated GBII, but I'll go see this. I don't see what the vitriol with this film is about.
          Trailers are trailers, this looks okay to me, and I'll see it before making a judgement on the film. You may hate it, that is cool, but I don't think the acting looks bad, or the dialogue any worse or better than the old film.

    If this was edited based on the comments from the first trailer... then it's an improvement but there is a nice blatant F.U. to anyone who made a comment on the first trailer (in which case, FU back).

    Trailer Reaction did a thing on this with Max Landis and he gave the most elegant answers to what irks me so much about this version -

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