'The Justice Lease' Is The Australian Superhero Comedy You Never Knew You Wanted

The Justice Lease began as a self-funded six part webseries back in 2013, and has gone on to win multiple awards at festivals around the globe — including the Viewster Online Film Festival, which offers the biggest prize to a webseries in the world. All that award cash went into making a second series.

Instead of blowing the cash from their winnings on a kiddy pool full of expensive champagne, the team at Severe Comedy put the funds towards a second series, and we are all winners now. "I like to think of it as a cross between What We Do In The Shadows and Bold And The Beautiful", says Director Jeremy Brull. For your viewing pleasure, here's the trailer for season two.

Image: Severe Comedy

Producer Erasmo Raimundo said "This funding has allowed us to create the kind of series we envisioned when we started this project, an entirely over-dramatic comedy that both pokes fun at, and reveres, the super hero genre."

The Justice Lease 2: Dorm Of Justice is launching at a screening in Sydney tomorrow night, and will be available on YouTube as of 22 March.


    Now, bear with me as I'm only having WATCHED the clip, not at all LISTENED to it yet, but...Hulk? Or was that one of the jokes I could not hear >.

    Yes indeed :D That is mentioned in the first episode - not the trailer ;)

    So what is it?

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