'The Justice Lease' Is The Australian Superhero Comedy You Never Knew You Wanted

The Justice Lease began as a self-funded six part webseries back in 2013, and has gone on to win multiple awards at festivals around the globe -- including the Viewster Online Film Festival, which offers the biggest prize to a webseries in the world. All that award cash went into making a second series.

Instead of blowing the cash from their winnings on a kiddy pool full of expensive champagne, the team at Severe Comedy put the funds towards a second series, and we are all winners now. "I like to think of it as a cross between What We Do In The Shadows and Bold And The Beautiful", says Director Jeremy Brull. For your viewing pleasure, here's the trailer for season two.

Image: Severe Comedy

Producer Erasmo Raimundo said "This funding has allowed us to create the kind of series we envisioned when we started this project, an entirely over-dramatic comedy that both pokes fun at, and reveres, the super hero genre."

The Justice Lease 2: Dorm Of Justice is launching at a screening in Sydney tomorrow night, and will be available on YouTube as of 22 March.

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    Now, bear with me as I'm only having WATCHED the clip, not at all LISTENED to it yet, but...Hulk? Or was that one of the jokes I could not hear >.

    Yes indeed :D That is mentioned in the first episode - not the trailer ;)

    So what is it?

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