The Foo Fighters Just Used Social Media To Troll The Entire Internet

It started with a tweet following Dave Grohl's solo performance at the Oscars.

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Rumours started flying -- the band was totally breaking up. Then, today, this happened.

Bravo, Foo Fighters, you magnificent bastards.

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    Who is the person joining in the band at the end? It seems to me that I should know him but I cannot put my finger on it.

      My wife said Nick Lachay

        "my wife"... sure.. sure... you have posters of him on the back of your bathroom door

          Thats pretty much what she said too

    To be fair, it was more than just social media, it was a long running campaign of misinformation and weird quotes.
    Taylor Hawkins was on video saying they were on indefinite haitus. Metal magazines had quotes apparently from the band saying Grohl was leaving AND named his successor.

    This was well trolled - but not just on social media.

    The entire internet you say. Maybe the entire subset of the internet that are interested in the Foo Fighters. I'm in that other subset who couldn't care less. After reading about them playing at events organised by people who think HIV was invented by the US government and the anti-vaccine statements made by a member of the band I am I guess what you would call an anti-fan

      If you're not a fan of the foo fighters, does that make you a fan of foo?

        Well the etymology is from unidentified fighters during WWII. And one would assume they were "fighting" the allies.
        And now I'm confused as to who I like and don't like in this story :(

      and yet you read an article on the foo fighters AND responded in the comments. Interesting.

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