Tesla Opens Its New Port Macquarie Supercharger Today

With Superchargers already lined up to provide a free route between Sydney and Melbourne, Tesla Motors has now turned its gaze to the north, opening its first Supercharger north of Sydney. The Port Macquarie station is the first step in a planned series of Superchargers that will link Sydney to Brisbane, providing Tesla owners with a free trip up one of Australia's most popular interstate routes.

The new Supercharger will be opened today in a ribbon cutting ceremony at 11:30am. It's located just off the Pacific Highway at Cassegrain Winery, which has a restaurant and amenities for Tesla owners to access while charging their Model S. The Port Macquarie location is the first part of Tesla's planned northern network, which will be extended up to Brisbane this year. The station will be able to charge up to six Tesla Model S at the same time.

Half an hour at Tesla's superchargers will add up to 60kWh of battery charge -- that's 270km of range on a Model S, or around three hours of highway driving. The Supercharger stops are designed for long distance trips, allowing motorists to take short breaks every 3 hours to recharge. Alternatively, if you have a whole hour to spare, a full charge will enable 502km of highway travel.

Australia's current Supercharger network

To find other Superchargers or destination chargers in Australia, check Tesla's map here.



    Anyone know how many cars drive past it in an average half hour? Is it more than 6?
    I realize baby steps.. just wondering what the long term capacity will have to be at these things.

    By "Half an hour at Tesla’s superchargers will add up to 120 kilowatts of power" I think you mean "Half an hour at Tesla’s 120 Kilowatt superchargers will add up to 60 kilowatt Hours of power".

    Good on Tesla. Keep up the great work and it may become practical to own a all electric car. Goodness knows I would buy one if they could go 500km's on one charge for less than $40k. Idealy I would like to see 800km's on one charge. That way it becomes practical for rural Australia.

    A supercharger is needed on the Gold Coast. The number 1 tourist destination in Australia, will attract tourism and enable connection to Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast. Tesla's are being bought up on the GC.

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