Skype Is Axing Its Smart TV App

More and more Skype users accessing the service on their mobile devices, as opposed their television, has lead to the app being axed from Smart TVs.

From June 2016 the Skype for TV application will no longer be supported, with no further updates being made.

New account creation and password resets won't be possible either with users directed to visit the Skype website instead.

"Since 2010, Skype has delivered a great calling experience in the living room in partnership with several TV manufacturers," Skype said in a statement. "But over the years, users have changed the way they use Skype, with the majority accessing it from a mobile device -- including when in the living room."

"We want to make sure we prioritise delivering the best possible experience to the platforms our users are asking for, which is why we’ve decided to focus our efforts in other areas while supporting key functionality on Skype for TV for as long as possible."

With no updates being made, TV manufactures are opting to remove the service entirely.

Samsung told Gizmodo "Starting in June 2016, Skype will no longer support its TV app and there will be no further updates to the application. As a result, from June 2, 2016 the Skype for TV service will no longer be available on Samsung Smart TVs."



    Well that sucks. My $80 USB Samsung TV camera will now become redundant.

    I wonder if it has something to do with it's new owners...

    Methinks this wouldn't of been a problem if Smart TV's ran the same OS.

      having talked to skype support they say the decision is nothing to do with them and came straight from microsoft. Isn't it funny that all the smart tv's are also the major android phone and tablet developers. I tend to think that is why microsoft has done this, an attack on them

        That contradicts entirely with the statement Skype gave me, in the article. Interesting.

          But you're not meant to Skype on you tv your meant to use your xbox for that.

          Rae I think you have the right information. 1. Skype is microsoft so "having talked to skype support they say the decision is nothing to do with them" sounds like a low paid overseas help desk operator saying whatever the like. Then add to that the conspiracy theory of the attack by Microsoft and smartphones and you have a troll at work.

            Actually not trolling, am stating what I was told, no need to try be insulting. Microsoft own Skype but their support are still original staff members who are not happy with the lack of direction Skype has gone. You should try talking to them. As for my last sentence it was more a joke. Obviously went over your head

        lol, Microsoft who provide all their services on Android, while google refused to support Microsofts platforms and DMCA's any third party apps? Those poor android users being downtrodden by the big bad Microsoft.

    Typical. First Microsoft scraps being able to record free to air programs when they brought out Windows 10 - no more media centre, now they won't support Skype on anything that isn't Microsoft based. What else are they going to take from us?
    We use Skype on the TV as the whole family can sit down and talk with family around the world. The only other place we can use Skype is in my office which gets crowded with more than one person in it.

    I've used Skype on my Xbox One a couple of times, but it's too slow and unreliable to answer a call, I pretty much always miss it and have to call back.

    This is why I haven't and never will buy a Smart TV for the "Smarts"...

    So think stinks, does anyone have other app suggestions that could do the same thing? I mean by not adding an additional Xbox or other thing to put on my mantel?

      To help make Microsoft and Samsung change their minds, please sign the petition at

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